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For over six decades, Canadale Nurseries has been committed to providing the best and healthiest plant varieties to customers in St. Thomas, London, and the surrounding areas. Whether you're seeking colourful perennials, lush evergreens, flowering shrubs, or ornamental trees, our Garden Centre and 110-acre award-winning nursery offer an abundance of options to help you create your dream garden. With our extensive selection of fresh and thriving plants available year-round, we guarantee that you will find the perfect addition to your outdoor or indoor oasis every time you visit us.

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Proudly Serving St. Thomas and Surrounding Area

Canadale Nurseries has a rich history that began with a dream. In 1950, Bill and Joan Intven sailed across the Atlantic with just $300 and a year’s supply of food and clothing to start a new life in Canada. Bill’s dream was to own his own nursery, inspired by his mother’s teachings in her garden in Holland.

After spending a year at the largest nursery in Canada and working a factory job to support his family, Bill spent his spare time preparing for the day when he could have his own nursery.

Today, our garden centre is a testament to Bill and Joan’s hard work and dedication, and we’re proud to carry on their legacy by providing high-quality plants and gardening supplies to our customers.

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