Design & Inspiration Gardens

Design & Inspiration

Need a little garden inspiration? Canadale Nurseries is pleased to present the Design and Inspiration Gardens, a compelling display of garden designs and floral combinations to help you visualize ideas for your own landscaped yards.

The displays consist of several “room gardens” that exemplify different garden themes: Arbour Path Garden, Perennial Garden, Backyard Oasis, Oriental Garden, Ornamental Grass Garden, Backyard BBQ Garden, Butterfly Garden, and Backyard Deck Garden.

A free design and plant list of each garden is available for easy reference. Come and stroll our gardens and take home some free inspiration.


Fun Facts:

  • Canadale Design & Inspiration Gardens were created to inspire customers with different garden styles and ideas that could assist them in their purchasing decisions.
  • The gardens were inspired by a tour of the Garden Centres of South Africa, taken by Canadale President, Tom Intven.
  • Each of the 15 garden vignettes in the Design & Inspiration Garden is based on a special theme to help customers with ideas they can use in their own landscape. Themes range from ‘Shade Garden’ to ‘Pollinator Garden’ to ‘Small Space Garden’. While several of the classic themes remain the same each year, many of the garden themes are changed based on popular gardening trends, customer feedback and new & exciting ideas.
  • Each garden has free landscape plans available that detail how that particular garden was planted and which plants were used. Customers are encouraged to take a copy of the design and plant list to use as they continue to shop the garden centre.
  • Garden planting, maintenance & design plan restocking is done by Canadale staff.
  • Each garden receives a major design revamp each spring. Seasonal alterations are also made throughout the year to accommodate the changing plant availability. These changes keep the displays fresh, relevant and interesting, which in turn, keeps the customer coming back to see what’s new.
  • A select few foundation plants are left in the gardens year after year to give customers an idea of what select mature plants will look like in their own garden.
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