browning pine tree

Winter Burn on Trees & Shrubs

Winter burn will be very common this year, especially on trees and evergreens. This desiccation is due to the drying out of foliage and branches.  This can be caused by a number of factors but is mainly due to nice sunny days in February and March when the ground is frozen and plants have used up all their moisture reserves earlier in the winter.  The good news is, YOUR PLANTS ARE NOT DEAD!!!

If you have damage on your plants, especially if they are browned on one side (like our Dwarf Alberta Spruce Spiral in our display gardens), please BE PATIENT. Do not dig up your plant.  Wait for new growth to appear in April and fertilize with an all-purpose tree and shrub food to encourage lots of new growth.  Before you know it your shrubs and trees will be completely recovered and looking like new again.

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