spring blooms emerging

Waking Up the Garden for Spring

We’re all excited for the spring gardening season, so here are a few tips for what you can be doing in your garden right now:

  1. Don’t be in too much of a rush! Your garden beds are thawing so they’ll be mucky and easily compacted if you walk around them. Be patient and wait for the ground to thaw!
  2. Check your yard for winter damage on plants, fences, pathways, etc.
  3. Tune up your tools (including the lawnmower that’s been sitting in your garage all winter!)
  4. If you don’t compost over winter, start a pile now!
  5. Prep beds by removing any debris or winter mulch.
  6. Clean your bird feeders, bird baths, pots and containers.
  7. Start seeds indoor!
  8. Start spring pruning on fruit trees if you haven’t already!
  9. As soon as the temperature is above freezing, spray plants with dormant oil and lime sulphur to prevent insects and disease.
  10. Plan to visit Canadale’s DESIGN & INSPIRATION GARDENS for ideas! Click Here to learn more.
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