Spring Hasn’t Sprung – Don’t Dig Just Yet

We have been experiencing warmer-than-average temperatures this time of year, and although it may feel like spring and you can’t wait to get back into the garden, it’s important to remember our plants are still in their winter dormancy. So, rest assured they are not dead but still taking a much-needed nap.

Generally, the transition from winter dormancy to active growth in our region usually starts mid to late March and continues through April and May. However, the specific timing can still vary depending on several factors, including the plant species, the location within Ontario, and the weather conditions.

Because of the unusually warmer weather, you could see signs of new growth already emerging within your yard. Take inventory of these plants, trees or shrubs and stay up-to-date with weather trends and patterns to be prepared to protect this new growth as necessary. Covering plants with an old sheet or burlap can help protect against cold snaps.

What about my bulbs, you ask? You may notice some bulbs have started to poke up from the soil, but no need to worry. Your spring bulbs have seen it all before. Moreover, bulbs are built to handle a few temperature swings. A cold snap may cause the tips to turn yellow and die back, but the bulb will wait things out and send up new growth once things warm up again.

Regarding bulbs, it’s important to note that the flowers develop independently of their leaves, meaning even if your bulbs have come up early, the flowering shoots still need time (between 5 to 7 weeks) to develop. And before that happens, your bulbs will most likely have weathered the warm spell and resumed their dormancy.

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