Caring for Poinsettias

In the heart of the Canadian winter, poinsettias take center stage as the most beloved Christmas houseplants. Their vibrant hues and warm presence bring a touch of festive cheer to countless homes. To ensure your poinsettia thrives and graces your space with its beauty throughout the season, follow these care tips:

1. Selecting a Healthy Poinsettia:

Begin your poinsettia journey by choosing a plant that exudes strength and vitality. Avoid any signs of pests by inspecting the underside of the foliage. Opt for plants with unblemished leaves and vibrant red bracts. Ensure the small yellow flowers are nestled at the center. Beware of plants shrouded in paper or plastic sleeves for extended periods, as this can lead to yellowing leaves.

2. The Journey Home:

Your poinsettia’s journey to its new home should be brief and protected. Shield it from cold temperatures, as prolonged exposure can cause leaf drop. Once home, promptly remove any protective wrapping provided by the garden centre.

3. Caring for Your Poinsettia:

For a long-lasting display of festive elegance, heed the following care tips:

  • Lighting: Position your poinsettia in a room with bright natural light, avoiding direct sunlight on the plant.
  • Temperature: Shield your plant from hot or cold drafts, ensuring a stable environment.
  • Placement: Elevate the plant to keep it out of reach of curious children and pets. Use a waterproof container to safeguard your furniture.
  • Watering: Thoroughly water the plant when the soil surface feels dry to the touch. Dispose of any excess water in the saucer after 10 minutes.
  • Temperature Sensitivity: To maintain the brilliance of the bracts, keep temperatures below 22°C.

4. Re-flowering Your Poinsettia:

If you’re feeling adventurous and wish to enjoy your poinsettia beyond the holidays, consider these re-flowering tips. Although it requires patience and commitment, the reward is well worth it.

With these care guidelines, your poinsettia can be a beacon of festive beauty, spreading warmth and joy throughout the winter season.

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