Plants To Attract Hummingbirds

The plants listed below are among the Hummingbird’s favourites. While reds dominate the list, there are plenty of other colours suggested to allow a varied planting. The most important aspect of designing a Hummingbird garden is to plant for continuous bloom from spring to fall ensuring an endless supply of nectar.








































Plant Colour Bloom Time
Bee Balm red, pink Jul – Aug
Bleeding Heart rose May – Jun
Cardinal Flower red Jul – Aug
Bugleweed blue, purple May – Jun
Columbine red, pink, yellow May – Jun
Coralbells red, pink Jun – Sep
Dahlia red, pink Jul – Frost
Delphinium red, blue, pink Jul – Frost
Foxglove red, purple, rose Jun – Jul
Fuschia red Jul – Aug
Gladiola many colours Jul – Sep
Nasturtium scarlet, orange Jun – Frost
Petunias many colours Jun – Frost
Phlox many colours Jul – Frost
Red Hot Poker red, yellow Jul – Aug
Snapdragon red, pink, white Jun
Sweet William red, maroon, rose May – Jun
Zinnias many colours Jul – Frost












Plant Colour Bloom Time
Honeysuckle red, yellow Jun – Frost
Morning Glory red Jul – Frost
Scarlet Runner Bean red Jul – Frost
Trumpet Vine orange, yellow Jul – Sep
















Plant Colour Bloom Time
Azaleas red, pink, white May – Jun
Beauty Bush pink May – Jun
Butterfly Bush purple, pink Jul – Frost
Flowering Quince red Apr – May
Rose of Sharon red, blue, pink Jul – Sep
Weigela red, pink May – Jul










Plant Colour Bloom Time
Horse Chestnut white, yellow May
Black Locust white May
Flowering Crabs red, rose, pink, white Apr – May