Spring Flowering Trees

Spring Flowering Trees. There are a few symbols of spring that are as universal as flowers! No matter where you live in this country (with the possible exception of those living in Churchill, Manitoba & all areas north of there!) we all agree that they are sure fire signs that spring is here. The following flowering trees are definitely signs that spring has arrived!

Magnolias – one of the most recognizable spring flowering trees

MagnoliaMagnolias are a stunning & stately tree with varieties that grow anywhere from 10-30’ high & 8-20’ wide, ensuring there is a Magnolia for every landscape. Saucer magnolias are one of the most popular types found as lawn specimens & park trees. They feature stunning blooms like those in the accompanying photo.



Dogwoods - spring flowering trees

Cherokee Sunset Dogwood

Dogwoods (Cornus florida) are the perfect tree for smaller spaces, growing anywhere from 15-20’ high & wide. These spring flowering trees include the native white flowering dogwood, Cornus florida, which features beautiful horizontal branches covered with gorgeous, long lasting white blooms each spring.  The newer hybrid ‘Cherokee Sunset’, features stunning green & gold variegated foliage and deep pink blooms.


Ornamental Pear

PearA popular street tree because of its slender profile, the Chanticleer Ornamental Pear (Pyrus calleryana ‘Chanticleer’) is a sure sign spring has arrived.  Beautiful small white flowers cover the entire tree each year! Growing to approximately 30’ high & 10’ wide, this tree is great for smaller yards also.



CrabappleWith flowers in shades of pink, white & red, spring flowering trees are almost synonymous with Crabapples (Malus) – a great addition to the landscape and a fantastic food source for birds & wildlife! Growing approximately to 18-25’ high & 16-24’ wide depending on the variety. There is also a much slimmer, columnar variety for small spaces & screening called Dream Weaver which grows to 10’ high & 3’ wide.


Golden Chain

GoldenChainA tree that is overlooked far too often in the landscape is the Golden Chain Tree (Laburnum watereri). Featuring absolutely stunning bright yellow blooms that resemble the flower clusters of the Wisteria vine, this smaller tree is perfect for smaller yards & as a lawn specimen. Its slender vase shape & approximate size of 15’ high & 6’ wide is sure to add a bright punchy of colour each spring! Also available as a weeping tree, a smaller cascading type that will fill smaller spaces with an approximate size of 6-8’ high & wide.