Peonies (Homegrown)

Peonies are exquisite flowering plants that captivate garden enthusiasts with their lush blooms and graceful presence. Known for their ornamental beauty, peonies are perennial plants belonging to the Paeonia genus, and they come in a variety of colours and forms. These charming flowers have long been cherished for their landscape attributes and are highly regarded in many cultures around the world.

Peonies offer a range of landscape attributes that make them highly desirable for garden design. Their lush, deep green foliage serves as an attractive backdrop throughout the growing season, even when the plants are not in bloom. Peonies are also known for their longevity, with some varieties living for several decades, adding a sense of permanence and elegance to any garden setting. Their sturdy stems and large, showy flowers create a striking visual impact and lend themselves well to creating focal points or borders in a garden.

The ornamental features of peonies are truly enchanting. One of the most celebrated aspects of these flowers is their blossoms, which are often large, full, and fragrant. The blooms can range in colour from pure white and soft pink to vibrant red and rich burgundy, with some varieties exhibiting mesmerizing colour combinations. Peony flowers can be single, semi-double, or double, and their petals are often ruffled, giving them a romantic and delicate appearance. The intoxicating fragrance emitted by some peony varieties adds another layer of allure, making them a sensory delight in any landscape.


3 feet
30 inches
Hardiness Zone