Great Gifts for Teachers

Teachers play a very special role in our lives and in the lives of our children. They are leaders, counselors, guides and cheerleaders for our children. They help our children grow and develop into the unique individuals they will become. As the school year comes to a close, say THANK YOU to the teachers in your lives that make a difference every single day with a unique gift from Canadale.

Light Up Flower Power Pen

001-1What better way to make grading those final papers fun than with a light up flower pen! A very appropriate and cheerful gift for your hard-working teacher! Several colours and flower varieties available.




Rose Gold Succulent Planters

002-1Perfect for the teacher’s desk – doesn’t take up too much room, VERY easy care, and readily brought home for the summer months! These elegant small planters are a great low-maintenance gift for your teacher!




Beach Bag, Scarf & Sunglasses

003-1Summer vacation is almost here! Help your teacher enjoy summer with a beach bag, summer scarf or sunglasses. Several beach bag designs available. Hundreds of scarf colours and designs to choose from. Mens & womens sunglasses styles available.




Live Trends Inspirational Planters

004-1Why not show your teacher the difference they made this year with an inspirational planter. Boasting words like ‘Inspire’ and ‘Imagine’, these little planters are a perfect way for you to show your appreciation. Air plants and succulents available and super low-maintenance!



Wine Glasses

005-1Let the party begin! Spoil your teacher with a special wine glass chosen just for them! With lots of different designs available, such as School of Fish, Liquid Therapy & Cottage Life, there’s something for every teacher!




Crispy Wave Ferns

006-1Give your teacher a Breath of Fresh Air with a Crispy Wave Fern! Crispy Wave Ferns are amazing little plants that are natural air purifiers. This sculpted fern is very low maintenance and is a perfect addition to a classroom, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, living room, or any place needing a breath of fresh air!



Color Therapy Colouring Books

007-1Give your teacher a way to relax this summer with a colour therapy colouring book or colouring pack. Adult colouring is the new craze! Choose from large books, small books and even travel sized colouring books. And top it off with a pack of bright pencil crayons!



DIY Terrariums

008-1If you want to make something special for you teacher, consider a do-it-yourself air plant terrarium! They’re easy as 1-2-3! Choose your terrarium, choose your sand or beads, choose your air plant – and then put them all together! A homemade(ish) gift that your teacher will love!





Scented Candles

009-1There’s nothing nicer than the fresh smell of summer lemonade, the sweet smell of fresh strawberries or the warm smell of ripe blueberries! Give your teacher a scented candle to help them relax all summer long!




Canadale Gift Cards

Gift Card JMA Canadale gift card is the perfect gift for the teacher who has everything! Let them pick out their own gift, plant or garden care item! Canadale gift cards come in any amount and they never expire!