Go Tropical for Valentine’s Day … With Anthurium – the Heart Shaped Flower!

AnthuriumValentine’s Day is coming up fast! If you usually the hearts and flowers type when it comes to getting a gift for your sweetheart, do I have an idea for you!!! This year, why not get them HEART-SHAPED FLOWERS instead!?!

Anthurium are long lasting exotic tropicals with striking bold (usually) red flowers that contrast with their dark green, shiny foliage. They are also known as flamingo flowers, tail flowers, painted tongue and painter’s palette, but whatever name you give them, there’s no denying the resemblance between their flowers and romantic hearts!

Anthurium represent hospitality, and further to that, they represent blessings of happiness and abundance. A very fitting meaning on Valentine’s Day! There are also a few myths surrounding Anthurium, the most popular being that an Anthurium in your home brings luck and protection against evil. Can we say Knight in Shining Armour!!!

Overall, a seriously romantic and symbolic gift, that happens to look like a bright, beautiful bouquet of hearts!

And, if that’s not enough, they are really easy to care for:

Light & Temperature: Anthurium require very bright, indirect light. They prefer a warm climate (if you’re comfortable, chances are they are too!)

Water & Humidity: Anthurium prefer moist (but not wet!) soil. Water thoroughly, but let the soil dry out a bit in between watering. Mist regularly if your home is on the dry side.

Fertilizing: Fertilize every month with a water-soluable houseplant fertilizer.

Note: For best results, in winter, put your Anthurium in a cool (15 degrees C) spot for about 6 weeks with little water and no fertilizer. Giving it this rest period will allow it to flower profusely the following season.