Fairy Gardening

What exactly is Fairy Gardening?

A fairy garden is a mini garden that can include garden structures and live plants. It is a great way to get your gardening fix all year round and a magical place to lure fairies and their good luck to your home. Your imagination is the only limit to how your fairy garden is designed and the components you add to it. Fairy gardens can be started using a kit or you can collect individual items as you go.

As Fairy Gardening gains more popularity, more and more items become available to add to your mini garden. Here is a list of only a few of the options you have for your garden: garden arbour, garden bench, birdbath, fountain, wheelbarrow, urn, picnic table, mushrooms, statues, bicycles, swing, pebbles or stones to create a pathway, fairy dust and of course, mini live plants.

Fairy Flowers

Fairy Flowers are a new line of plants that we are carrying at Canadale that were designed specifically for Fairy Gardens. They are plants that either stay small naturally or can be easily trimmed to maintain a small size. They work great as outdoor plants in the spring and summer and also do well as indoor plants in the colder seasons. These Fairy Flowers come with a beautiful tag that introduces a particular fairy and to the plant, he or she has created. The tags include custom artwork and unique stories.

When selecting your Fairy Flowers, try to choose plants that will mimic a realistic landscape. Include groundcovers, shrub-like plants and tree-like plants. Also, add trailing plants that will creep over trellises or arbours. Like regular gardening, make sure to consider things like sun conditions, watering needs and pruning needs when choosing your Fairy Flowers.

Come in and See What All the Fuss is About

Fairy Gardening is a great activity for people of all ages. Children, parents, grandparents and friends can all enjoy creating a Fairy Garden that is beautiful and totally unique. Come in today and check out the Fairy Gardening display at Canadale to see what magic is in store for you!