Beautiful Plants for Mom!

Find beautiful plants for Mom from Canadale.  A beautiful shrub, a majestic tree or an exotic flower…  What a wonderful way to show mom your love and appreciation.  Year after year, these blooming gifts will remind mom that you remembered her in a very special way.  Here are a few of our favourite garden plants and gifts that we think you’ll love.

Beautiful Trees

Hearts of Gold Redbud

Cercis Hearts of Gold Tree

Hearts of Gold Redbud

An incredible GOLD leafed redbud! This stunning tree displays a riot of colour in early spring as brilliant lavender-purple blooms appear on bare branches, followed by large heart-shaped spring leaves that emerge red, maturing to gold. Dramatic foliage and early spring blooms make this tree a year-round favourite.  What a colour parade! Prefers full sun to part shade. Eventually grows to 5m high and 4m wide at maturity.



Cherokee Princess Flowering Dogwood

Cornus florida Cherokee Princess 1

Cherokee Princess Dogwood

A spectacular specimen tree with a heavy display of large white blooms in spring. Dark green foliage emerges burgundy in spring and turns orange-red in fall. Red berries are produced in fall. A hardy, reliable, profuse bloomer, Cherokee Princess adds a little magic to every yard in spring.  Prefers well drained soil and full sun to part shade. Eventually grows to 6m high and wide at maturity. (Note: we have a greast selection of flowering dogwoods in white, pink or red if this one isn’t quite the right fit for you.)


Tricolour Beech

Fagus sylvatica 'Tricolor'

Tricolor Beech

A striking tree with completely unique leaf variegation that comes in shades of green, pink, white and purple. Foliage turns copper later in fall. A slow grower with a lovely mounding habit, Tricolour beech grows into a dense compact pyramid shape that displays very nicely as a specimen tree in any yard. Prefers a sunny area (but some afternoon shade is often appreciated) and will eventually grow to 10 high and 4m wide at maturity.



Flowering Shrubs


Roses are a classic for a reason! With beautiful, colourful and often fragrant blooms, these flowering shrubs steal the show in many gardens.


Old Fashioned David Austin Roses

Rosa William Morris David Austin

David Austin English Roses

David Austin Roses are world renowned show stoppers! They are very popular and totally unique with intoxicating fragrance and a wide range of colour options. They add delicacy and charm to every garden and bloom continuously all summer long. They are proven performers of the highest quality and add a real impact in the garden.


Hybrid Tea Roses

Rosa Hybrid Tea

Hybrid Tea Roses

Hybrid Tea roses are a classic in the garden! These beautiful plants are probably the most popular rose available. Individual large flowers bloom on long upright stems, making these roses ideal for cut flowers and the open bushy habit make it an attractive and elegant addition to the landscape. Hybrid teas have all the virtues you need in a flower: beauty and fragrance.




Climbing Roses

4 T

Yellow Blaze Climbing Rose

There’s not quite anything like the dramatic impact of colour that climbing roses can create in the garden. Climbing roses produce long, vigorous canes that are flexible and easily trained up a trellis, wall, arbour, pillar, etc. They have luscious blooms that can grow in either large single flowers or in clusters of blooms, depending on variety. Likewise, they can bloom once a season or continuously, depending on variety. A vibrant choice when in need of a climber!


Easy Care Roses

Rosa Oso Easy Paprika (2)

Oso Easy Paprika Rose

Easy care roses are selections created to tolerate the Canadian climate more readily. They are also bred to be more hardy and disease resistant. When low maintenance is key, this line of roses is the perfect choice. From red roses like Knockout, Double Knockout and Home Run to Orange roses like Oso Easy Paprika, Yellow roses like Oso Easy Lemon Zest and Pink roses like Pink Knock Out Rose, these hardy, easy care roses come in a rainbow of lovely colours.


Love Hydrangea

HYdrangea Love

Hydrangea Love

The name says it all! This is one hydrangea you will LOVE! Pretty double rosettes layer to produce a stunning round flower head in the softest shade of pink. This compact, small hydrangea makes a breathtaking specimen shrub or shines in mass plantings or in borders. Blooms all summer long and eventually grows to 1m high and wide at maturity. Prefers full sun to part shade.



Scent & Sensibility Lilac

syringa scent and sensibility

Scent & Sensibility Lilac

A sweet delight for spring gardens! This dwarf lilac produces masses of very fragrant dark pink buds that open to soft, lilac-pink blooms in spring. After a heavy bloom period in spring, it continues to flower sporadically throughout the year. Deer resistant.  Attracts butterflies. Prefers full sun and will eventually grow to 1m high and 2m wide.






Iris Mauve

Bearded Iris

The Iris is said to be named after a Greek goddess who rode rainbows. Perhaps this is believed because of the number of colours that Irises come in. The distinctive, showy flowers come in blue, purple, pink, white, yellow, orange and multi-colour. They attract hummingbirds and butterflies and while most varieties bloom in early to late summer, some varieties, especially some bearded iris varieties, re-bloom throughout the whole summer. Irises prefer full sun to part shade and well-drained soil.



Peonies Assorted


Peonies are long-lived plants that continue to grow for generations. They are renowned for their large, colorful, bowl-shaped, flowers and dark green foliage. Flower colours include pink, red, white, orange and yellow, and put on a spectacular show when they bloom in May to June. Plants grow 18 inches to 3 feet tall, depending on the variety. Peonies are easy to grow, low maintenance and can be fairly fragrant. They make stunning cut flowers and prefer full sun and moist well-drained soil. We have a selection of old-fashioned favourites and newer varieties, depending on what you’re looking for.



Phenomenal Lavender

lavender phenomenal

Phenomenal Lavender

Take notice of this new lavender variety! This extremely hardy lavender variety forms a bushy mound of silver foliage with long spikes of purple-blue flowers in mid-summer (a little later than English types of lavender). Often re-blooms in late summer or fall. Marvelously fragrant, this variety is particularly attractive to butterflies and is excellent as a cut flower or for drying. Good tolerance to extreme heat and humidity. Prefers full sun and very well-drained soil.




The First Lady Clematis

Clematis The First Lady

First Lady Clematis

This spectacular climbing vine produces huge flowers (up to 10”) that are silvery lavender-blue with reddish stamens. The striking blooms open with a darker central bar that lightens with age. Twining on natural or manufactured supports, these very pretty vines bloom all summer long and are very hardy. They grow to about 2-3m high at maturity and prefer sun (except on their roots where they prefer more shade or heavy mulch).



Lonicera Manderin

Mandarin Honeysuckle


Like the name suggests, this vine is sweet! A vigorous climber that grows up to 6m at maturity, honeysuckle features clusters of May and June blooming trumpet shaped flowers that come in many colours, depending on variety – rosy-orange, creamy white, soft yellow, and red with orange and yellow touches. The flowers are often fragrant and attract butterflies and hummingbirds. Prefers full sun to light shade and needs a support, like a trellis or fence, to climb.



Annuals & Tropicals

Rio Dipladenia


Rio Dipladenia

Rio dipladenias produce beautiful bright blooms and lush foliage yet are hardy enough to thrive in non-tropical climates all season long, from mid-May to mid-October. Flowers come in white, pink and deep red and are a large trumpet shape. They are both the perfect bedding plant and an outstanding accent for hanging baskets or planters. Rios are drought and heat tolerant and very easy to care for! They perform best with 4 or more hours of direct sunlight daily. Available in 1 gallon pot, hanging basket and patio pot. These beautiful bloomers will brighten your patio all summer.



Bougainvillea (3)


Bougainvillea are an incredibly bright type of tropical plant that can be grown as a vine, bush or tree. These beautiful plants boast flower-like leaves that and are covered with vibrant unique flowers from spring to fall. Showy blooms usually come in shades of pink or purple, but can also be found in orange, yellow and white. Bougainvillea are a breathtaking feature in the warm months and need a bright, indirectly sunny location. They can be grown indoors in the colder months and are virtually pest free and disease resistant.



Tropical Patio Trees, Shrubs and Vines

Hibiscus Tropical Flower (2)

Tropical Hibiscus

Give Mom a tropical holiday this year…in her own backyard! Nothing changes a patio into a tropical paradise as quickly and completely as beautiful, colourful exotic tropical plants! Choose from a huge selection including the stunning Passionflower vine, the classic Black Eyed Susan vine, the unique Fuchsia tree, the lovely white Moonflower vine, the magnificent Morning Glory vine, the charming Oleander bush or tree, the gorgeous Hybrid Hibiscus blooms and so many more! Bring Mom in to choose her own exotic blooms.




Dahlias -Beautiful plants (4)


For a burst of colour in your spring garden, make sure to include dahlias in borders, mass plantings or pots! Dahlias are actually tubers that, when planted, prefer cooler temperatures and lots of sun. They have cheerful spikey flowers that make a bold statement and come in numerous colours and sizes. Dahlias make a wonderful cut flower and last for a very long time in bouquets. They are a great addition to brighten up any sunny garden!


What a great way to spend time as a family – growing your own food together.  Cherish the moments you can share while nurturing an easy summer garden that you harvest and bring to your family table. This is an fun educational way to help your children learn ‘where food comes from’.


Vegetables (2)

Assorted Veggies

Why not give Mom the gift that nourishes this year? Growing your own veggies has become a very popular trend and for good reason! It’s easy and productive, and lots of edibles are very pretty to look at too! Choose from a great selection of organic veggies, Heirloom tomatoes, hot peppers, herbs and much more!





Peach Empress Dwarf


Give Mom some fruity goodness for her special day! Many fruit trees and shrubs make beautiful additions to the garden! Choose from a great selection of fruit trees, like the Dwarf Empress Peach, (pictured) which stays small and produces beautiful pink blooms in spring, followed by delicious fruit! Also available are smaller fruits such as blueberries, strawberries, grapes, and much more!


Healthy Living


Goji Berries

Thank your Mom for reminding you to make healthy choices by getting her a SUPER-FRUIT for Mother’s Day! Full of antioxidants, goji berries and haskaps are both delicious and super good for you! They can also be quite pretty in the garden!




Unique Gifts for Mom

Fashion Scarves

Pashmina Scarves

Fashion Scarves

Dress Mom up for Mother’s Day with a beautiful fashion scarf. A great accessory for any time of year! Many designs to choose from. Add a pop of colour to Mom’s day!

Wall Art

Butterfly Wall Art

Butterfly Wall Art

While it’s great to decorate the garden, don’t forget the rest of the outdoor (and indoor!) area where you do your living! Wall art – from canvas paintings to metal ornaments – add colour and style to your life, making your space your own. Choose from an enormous collection!






Gift Planters

Mothers Day Gift Plant1

Mother’s Day Gift Planter

Choose from a huge selection of pretty planters for Mom! From low maintenance succulent planters to colourful blossoming baskets, we have a great assortment of planters so you can get Mom exactly what she’ll want! And if you don’t see something that’s JUST RIGHT, we’ll make it for you!





For the Bird Lover

Hummingbird Feeders (2)

Hummingbird Feeders

For the bird-loving mom, make sure to pick up a hummingbird feeder, oriole feeder and nectar! Once hummingbirds know where to go for dinner, they’ll keep coming back! Let mom get friendly with these magical little birds with her very own feeder!



Fairy Gardens

Fairy Garden (10)

Fairy Gardens

Fairy gardening has taken the gardening world by storm! Let mom enjoy gardening all year round by starting her off with an adorable miniature garden! Choose from several different containers, fairy plants, decorative rocks and stones, as well as a huge selection of garden accents like mini garden furniture, animals, gnomes and of course, fairies! Bring mom the luck of the fairies this year!





We hope you find these beautiful plants and gift ideas helpful.  Happy Mother’s Day!