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To Do List: August in the Garden

During these lazy days of summer it may seem like our work in the garden is done and we can now sit back and enjoy all the hard work we put into our yard earlier in the year. For those gardening die hards, that would be terrible news! Luckily, there’s always something that can be […]

Dividing Perennials in the Fall

After a wonderful summer with lots of heat, I find my perennial beds are starting to look as if they are bursting at the seams in places.  Fall is a great time to get back out into the garden and start evaluating your perennial beds. For many perennials, now is a good time for dividing perennials […]

Fall Bulbs : It’s Times to Plant!

Fall Bulbs Fall bulbs are finally here…or should we say spring flowering bulbs? No matter what you call them, now is the time to start improving your spring garden by planting a few fall bulbs now.  Read on to learn about the different type of fall bulbs, how to plant them and how to protect […]

Plants for Fall Colour

Trees & Shrubs for Fall Colour How about adding some new plants for fall colour to your garden.  Often the fall season gets over looked when we are planning our gardens.  So much of our attention is on the flowers of spring and summer. Mums are not the only way to add great fall colour […]

Garden Problems in the Late Summer

Do you have a few garden problems cropping up at this time of the year?  At this late point in the season, some gardeners may notice that their plants don’t look as exuberant as they did in the spring and early summer. There may be less new growth and some lower leaves may be turning […]

Drought Proof Plants

Drought Tolerant Plants It’s going to be another sizzlin’ summer! Summer drought doesn’t that mean you can’t plant? Absolutely not! Here are some plants that relish the summer heat, love dry conditions and add great colour to your summer garden!   Perennials Grasses Grasses such as Calamagrostis, Festuca and Miscanthus flourish under hot and dry conditions. Bring depth and height […]