dormant oil

It’s Time for Dormant Oil

One of the most common questions we get throughout the year is, “How do I get rid of the insects or fungus on my trees & shrubs?” Wouldn’t it be great if there were a way to PREVENT these pests instead of having to deal with them in the warm weather of Spring & Summer? Guess what! There is!

Dormant Oil is a preventative spray that protects your plants from bugs and fungus that have settled in to over-winter on them. Spraying Dormant Oil at the right time will kill off any lingering bugs or diseases, giving your plants a better chance at a healthy season!

Applying Dormant Oil is a simple process. Pick up your Dormant Spray Kit. It will contain horticultural oil and lime Sulphur. Mix 2 parts lime Sulphur and 1 part horticultural oil to deliver a one-two knock-out punch to over-wintering insects and diseases. Apply the dormant oil in early spring before leaf buds show green at the tips. Spray on a day when the temperature is over 5 degrees Celsius. Apply early in the day to allow enough time for the dormant spray to dry on the plant before the chance of freezing.

*The Dormant Spray Kit will include specific instructions for how much spray to mix for each type of plant.

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