Christmas Workshops and Events 2017

Poster Lunch with Santa V2


Poster Brunch with Santa V2


Microsoft Word - Poster PD DAY Pizza Party with Santa


Poster BBB Urn


Poster Deluxe Urn


Poster Home for Christmas Urn


Poster Lantern Urn



Poster Copper & Spice Urn


Poster White Christmas Urn



Poster Urn Demo


Poster Christmas Chair


Poster Canadiana Christmas Tree


Poster Window Frame


Poster Bring Your Skates


Poster Grinch Tree V2 with full


Poster Santa Tree


Poster Fairy Garden


Poster Birch Log Arrangement



Poster Birch candle centrepiece


Poster Birch Log Wreath


Poster Christmas Charm Centrepiece


Poster Succulent Centrepiece