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Planting Vegetables

When planting vegetables, find an area, which will receive at least five to six hours of direct sunlight daily. Decide which vegetables and the amount of each you want to include in your garden. Take into consideration: the amount of space you have available (some vegetables need more growing room than others); your own requirements […]

Spring Helebores

If you have shade gardens & you don’t yet have any Hellebores in your beds, you really should come in & take a look at these beautiful perennials; no shade garden should be without them! Until you have planted these stunning beauties, you may not realize how much colour & interest they provide each year […]

Pruning 101

Spring is here!!  Well, sort of…. at least it is a great time to start thinking about getting our gardens in shape for another season. One aspect of gardening that is often misunderstood is pruning – we frequently get asked the common HOW, WHEN and WHAT in regards to trees, shrubs and evergreens. This article […]

It’s time for Dormant Oil

One of the most common questions we get throughout the year is “How do I get rid of the insects or fungus on my trees & shrubs?” Wouldn’t it be great if there were a way to PREVENT these pests, instead of having to deal with them in the warm weather of Spring & Summer? […]

Waking Up the Garden for Spring

We’re all excited for the spring gardening season, so here are a few tips for what you can be doing in your garden right now: Don’t be in too much of a rush! Your garden beds are thawing so they’ll be mucky and easily compacted if you walk around them. Be patient and wait for […]


With the arrival of our herbs in the garden centre, we thought we’d show you how to easily extend the life of your herbs by drying them for future use in the kitchen, in crafts or in displays. When drying herbs, the first thing to ask is which herbs you want to choose? Almost all […]

Winter Burn on Trees & Shrubs

Winter burn will be very common this year, especially on trees and evergreens. This desiccation is due to the drying out of foliage and branches.  This can be caused by a number of factors but is mainly due to nice sunny days in February and March when the ground is frozen and plants have used up all […]

Fairy Gardening

What exactly is Fairy Gardening? A fairy garden is a mini garden that can include garden structures and live plants. It is a great way to get your gardening fix all year round and a magical place to lure fairies and their good luck to your home. Your imagination is the only limit to how […]

Starting Seeds Indoors

Starting Seeds Indoors This time of year our green thumbs start getting anxious to get back out into the garden. While spring is still some time away, there are some things we can do to scratch that gardening itch. One is to start sprouting some seeds so that when spring comes, we’re ready to get […]