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Types of Roses and their Uses

Do you ever feel overwhelmed by the number of roses available to choose from? I sure do! When the long anticipated spring season finally begins and the huge shipment of roses finally arrives at Canadale I am awed and a little dizzy at all the choices before me. The section below will describe the different […]

Unique Evergreens

Are you looking for something truly different?  At Canadale Nurseries, we pride ourselves on providing unique and unusual specialty plants available.  We have just received a very exciting shipment of unique evergreens to complement our already vast display of evergreens.  Conifers are mostly VERY hardy and easy to grow. Please note: these selections are available […]


Japanese Maples are a specialty at Canadale Nurseries.  The diverse beauty of Japanese maples has captivated gardeners for centuries. During the Edo era in Japan, over 250 named cultivars were selected and grown. Today, there are over 1,000 varieties of different sizes, shapes and hardiness levels. They are especially prized for the size, shape and […]

Beautiful Plants for Mom!

Find beautiful plants for Mom from Canadale.  A beautiful shrub, a majestic tree or an exotic flower…  What a wonderful way to show mom your love and appreciation.  Year after year, these blooming gifts will remind mom that you remembered her in a very special way.  Here are a few of our favourite garden plants and […]

Fruit Tree Pollination Guide

Fruit tree pollination is very important when selecting trees. One of the most common question asked when planting fruit trees is how many trees do you have to plant in order to get fruit.  It can be a bit confusing as some fruit trees will produce fruit by themselves (self-pollinating) while other types will need 2 or […]

Growing Your Own Small Fruit

Enjoy the taste of summer by planting rhubarb, strawberries and raspberries now.  Here are a few tips on adding them to your garden. Rhubarb Prepare a hole 2 feet deep and fill the bottom with a half and half mixture of composted manure and soil. Plant the crown 2 inches below soil level and firm evenly […]

New & Exciting Plant for 2016

If you’re like most avid gardeners, you’ve probably already been out rooting around in your garden making plans on how to make this year’s garden better than ever.  These plans often include adding a few new specimens.  At this time of the year, many new and exciting plants are starting to make their way onto […]

Edibles – Colourful & Fun!

Edibles are fun to grow and add interest to the ornamental garden. This is an extremely popular gardening trend for 2016. Growing vegetables and fruit in the landscape adds function, texture and beauty to your garden. But adding edibles can also be fun! Take a look at some of the colourful, fun edibles we have available now! Carrots – […]

Spring Flowering Trees

Spring Flowering Trees. There are a few symbols of spring that are as universal as flowers! No matter where you live in this country (with the possible exception of those living in Churchill, Manitoba & all areas north of there!) we all agree that they are sure fire signs that spring is here. The following flowering […]

Five Ways With Bountiful Berries

While there’s a definite rustic glamour in a lush, productive backyard vegetable patch, the days of relegating edibles to the kitchen garden are over. Bringing berries—from the summertime trifecta of strawberry, raspberry, blueberry, to more unusual such as gooseberries, elderberries and grapes (yes, grapes are technically berries)—into the landscape, from tucking them into mixed beds […]